Thursday, September 16

Fwd: September 20 Bike Ride

Hello Summit Bikers;

Our next ride is this Monday ,September 20. It starts in Georgetown at  either 9 or 10 am and will go to either Loveland Ski Area or Guanella Pass.

The Guanella riders should arrive at 9a so they can be back around the same time as the others for lunch at the Cabin Creek Brewery in Georgetown. 

Parking is available along the street in front of the visitor center.  We have been requested not to park in the visitor center parking lot.  The Aspen trees should be near peak so this will be a good ride.

Bill and Jeanne🚴🚴‍♀️

Wednesday, September 8

Monday September 13 Ride

 Hi All Summit Biking Members:

Our next ride will be to Breckenridge and over Swan Mountain, starting at the Dillon Amphitheater Parking lot at 10 am on Monday, September 13.  The time change is due to the colder weather we start to experience in mid September.  The plan is to ride to Breckenridge (City Market) and return over Swan Mountain counter clockwise to the start.  People are encouraged to bring a sandwich and a drink to enjoy with their friends overlooking the lake.  Anyone wanting to bring something to share feel free.


Bill and Jeanne
Please call with any questions

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Monday, August 30

No Ride September 6, Labor Day

The County will be inundated with people over Labor Day Weekend.   We will not have a bike ride.  Be very careful if you plan to ride this weekend.  Our next ride will be September 13. 

Ride Safe,

John Bowyer

Tuesday, August 24

Bike Ride September 1

Hello Summit Bikers,

Next Monday, September 1 we will venture outside Summit County to East Vail.  The ride will be from Big Horn Park, starting at 10 am.  For those who would like to car pool meet at the west end of Frisco at the parking lot at 9 am.  Carpools are recommended as parking is tight.  Multiple rides are available from Big Horn, including West Vail Pass and the Gore Trail trough Vail and onto Minturn or Edwards.  Big Horn Park is a nice setting for a sandwich and to socialize so feel free to bring something and stay.

Directions to Big Horn Park: Go West to exit 180 in East Vail. Get off on the right and turn left going under I-70 on Bighorn Road. Go right on Streamside Circle. Stay on Streamside Circle and turn right on Meadow Drive. Bighorn Park is on the left ahead.

Remember the tourist are in town (West Vail also gets many downhill riders), slow down and do not cut corners.  Use hand signals and let others verbally know where you are.

Ride safe and have fun!

John Bowyer

Tuesday, August 17

August 23 Bike Ride & Annual Meeting

Hello Summit Bikers,

Next week, August 23, we will have our annual meeting.  The ride we have prior to the meeting will be to Montezuma, meeting at the Amphitheater Parking lot at 9:30.  The plan is to ride to Montezuma and out to the Old Ranch restaurant in Keystone, returning to the Amphitheater by noon for our annual meeting. Feel free to bring a sandwich and drink and have lunch during the meeting. 

New officers will need to be elected for those with whose terms are up.  If you are interested in helping your club out see me or Roberta Dakan of Polly Kock prior to the meeting.   In addition to the club officers, there is a need for a new person to start coordinating the rides.  I am willing to assist but it is time for new blood, not tired blood.  If you have any interest in helping let me know.

Hope to see you Monday.

Ride Safe!!

John Bowyer

Saturday, August 14

August 16 Bike Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,

Some follow up concerning Monday's Ride:  

Since most of us now have our new jerseys please wear them to the ride.  

This ride will be followed by a picnic so please bring something to share. 

A gas grill has been available, in the past, if you want to cook something.

I am riding from North Pond so am unsure of what time I will arrive at the bottom of Ute Pass.  If this is your starting point, just start, you will pass most of us either going up or down.

Watch out for gravel and other obstacles along route 9.  Hopefully with the reopening of I 70 through Glenwood Canyon traffic will be better.

Ride Safe!

John Bowyer

Monday, August 9

Bike Ride & Ice Cream August 16

Hello Summit Bikers,

The ride August 16 is to Ute Pass.  This is a change from the web site.  There will be two starting points; North Pond in Silverthorne starting at 8:45 am (A group riders -- faster group perhaps with pace line) or from the bottom of Ute Pass road at 9:30 am (where Ute Pass intersects Route 9).  So some may remember that we did Ute Pass a couple weeks ago, when Bob had a cold and called off the event to keep an outbreak from happening.  Well we are doing it again, this time to get the ice cream.
The reward for the trip will be a picnic hosted by Bob and Jay Gilson in Hamilton Creek, Silverthorne. They will have a propane grill available for those who want to cook.  Bring something to eat and something to share with your friends as well as your drink.  As a special treat, Bob intends to make some ice cream which will go as far as it goes, since he never knows how many people will be there.  For some reason this tends to draw the biggest crowd of the season.

Below are the details from Bob:

I plan to make some ice cream for the Ute Pass post-ride picnic at our house next Monday, 8/16. I expect to have plenty, but you just never know who the professional ice cream eaters are out there. The picnic will be on our deck and in the house, so please leave your bike shoes off at the porch, since we don't really have a lawn, and the view is prettier from the deck anyway. We have about 6-8 deck chairs and about the same inside. The deck rail is 2x8 flat, so it makes a good rest for a glass or dish.
From the Silverthorne Elementary School, which is on Hamilton Creek Road, drive/ride 1.3 miles up Hamilton Creek Road, then turn right onto Crescent Moon Trail. We're the 4th house on the left and the address is: 0137 Crescent Moon Trail. For those of you who know Roger and Sue Paluska, they live in the first house on the left of the same road.

We give extra points for those who ride up to the house, but if you're driving, we have room for some 8-10 cars to park just beyond our driveway in a cul-de-sac; plus you can park along one side of the road to allow others from the few houses beyond us to get past. About 6 can park in our driveway, but you'll have to back down to get out. If you're concerned, just carpool up from the elementary school. Or... this is where the extra points for riding up the hill come into play.

Bob's home phone is: 262-6123 if any questions or problems. His cell phone is: (405) 210-6222 if you're calling while we are on the ride.  
Ride safe!
John Bowyer

Sunday, August 8

August 9 Ride And Smoke

Hello Summit Bikers,

I have looked at the air quality index for Monday and it appears we should be in the moderate range, which means little impact.  Conditions today are about better than yesterday and should continue to improve.  The ride is still on for 9:30 from the amphitheater parking lot.  If you are not comfortable with riding with some smoke in the air, do not come.

John Bowyer

Wednesday, August 4

August 9 Bike Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,

August 9, next Monday we are meeting at the Dillon Amphitheater Parking Lot ready to ride at 9:30 and challenge the hills of Silverthorne.  There may seem to be too many turns but most of them are easy to follow once you riding the route. The recpath does go by the outlets (watch for walkers) and the route does cross Route 9 twice so caution is advised. Please print this out and have for the ride. If lost ride downhill as the recpath is along the Blue River.

Thanks to Bill and Jeanne Tracy for leading this ride.  May the riders give you the same respect they have me over the years.

Note this is a change from the calendar.  Next weeks ride August 16 will be the Ice Cream Ride, hosted by Bob and Jay Gilson. The annual meeting will be August 23.

Dillon Amphitheater – Start
Go toward the dam
Stay on Silverthorne path
to N. Pond
Rt End of Path (Allegra Dr)
Rt at stop sign (Hamilton Cr Rd)
Ride to top
Lt on Lakeview Circle
Complete Lakeview Circle turn
Lt at bottom of Circle
(continuation of Hamilton Cr Road)
Rt on Bald Eagle
Cross Rt 9 to Golden Eagle
Lt on Falcon Dr.
Lt on Golden Eagle
Lt on Two Cabins
Rt on Arnica Ln
Lt on Currant Way (easy to miss)
Lt on Hunters Knob Rd
St on Maryland Creek Trail (to Summit Sky)
At T Lt on Maryland Creek Road
Lt on Maryland Creek Lane
Rt on Rt 9
Lt at N. Pond
Rt on Allegra Dr.
Lt on Recpath
Return to Start

Feel free to bring a sandwich or snack to enjoy at the end of the ride.  Social distancing work well last week at Big Horn Park. 

Have Fun and Ride safe!

John Bowyer

Sunday, August 1

Fw: August 2 Ride Change

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Hello Summit Bikers,

One of the worse things I have to do is guess when it is going to rain in the mountains.   As you all know we have had a wet week.  Looking at the forecast for  East Vail it now appears to be better than a 50 percent chance of rain by eleven tomorrow, so instead of getting wet I am changing the route to meet at Dillion Amphitheater parking lot ready to ride at 9:30 am August 2 (tomorrow).  The planned ride will be clockwise around the lake with optional add on to Copper, if the rain holds off. Hopefully, we will be able to put a Vail Pass from East Vail in the schedule again this year.  The ride tomorrow will be led by Bill and Jeanne Tracy.  Bring a rain jacket, just in case.  Plan to stay and socialize after the ride with your lunch.

Ride Safe!