Thursday, January 23

Fw: The Denver Post Ride The Rockies Announces 2020 Route

Hello Summit Bikers;

Ride the Rockies has announced their 2020 ride.  In years past Summit Biking has fielded many riders on this week long adventure.  The ride is well organized and goes through most of the more beautiful areas to ride in our state.  For those just too tired to go on there are even SAG wagons to assist.  The purpose of this email to judge the interest to form a team for the 2020 ride.  I will not be able to participate this year as the weekend the ride finishes I will be on the Grand Canyon rafting.

If you have an interest or think you might want to do this great ride drop me an email at  If you want to give the ride a try but feel a week commitment may be too much try the two day ride.  If this is your interest indicate it in your email to me. If enough are interested I will submit a team application for the ride.  Although this email only goes to Summit Biking, others can join our team, so if you have friends that want to go let me know as well.

Bike Season is just around the corner.  You have to love Summit County, no more than you start one sport than it is time to start thinking about the next.

John Bowyer


Prologue (Optional)
Saturday, June 13
Durango to Pagosa Springs
62 or 79 miles/3,470' or 4,750' Approximate Elevation Gain
Highlights: Southern Ute Reservation, Navajo Reservoir, Chimney Rock National Monument  
Day 1/One- and Two-Day Ride
Sunday, June 14
Durango Loop
73 Miles/3,634' Approximate Elevation Gain
Highlights: Animas River, Southern Ute Reservation, La Plata Mountains
Day 2/Two-Day Ride
Monday, June 15
Durango to Cortez
69 Miles/3,610' Approximate Elevation Gain
Highlights: Lake Nighthorse, Cheery Creek Loop, Mesa Verde
Day 3
Tuesday, June 16
Cortez to Norwood
101 Miles/6,448' Approximate Elevation Gain
Highlights: Lizard Head Pass, San Miguel River, Norwood Hill
Day 4
Wednesday, June 17
Norwood to Ridgway
40 miles/2,990' Approximate Elevation Gain
Highlights: San Miguel River, Dallas Divide, San Juan Mountains
Day 5
Thursday, June 18
Ridgway Loop
50 Miles/4,196' Approximate Elevation Gain
Highlights: Ridgway State Park, Uncompahgre Plateau, San Juan Mountains
Day 6
Friday, June 19
Ridgway to Durango
85 Miles/7,606' Approximate Elevation Gain
Highlights: Ouray, Red Mountain Pass, Molas Pass, Coal Bank Pass 

Ride The Rockies | Website
The Denver Post Ride The Rockies/Pedal The Plains | 5990 Washington St, Denver, CO 80216
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Friday, November 1

Fw: Nov. 5: Help fund bike trails in Summit County

Have to think about biking year round.  I am in Arizona still riding and hiking, waiting for the snow base to build up.

Ski safe!

John Bowyer

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Subject: Nov. 5:  Help fund bike trails in Summit County

Thursday, September 26

Bike Ride September 30

Hello Summit Bikers,

Next weeks ride, September 30, will be the Green Mountain Reservoir. The start of the ride is at the intersection of Route 9 and Heeney Road, approximately 20 miles north of Silverthorne (If you can see the reserviour you have driven too far.).  The relax group will start at 10 am and others at 10:30.  As our numbers have dwindle as we move into fall and this is an out and back ride there will only be one sweep, starting with the 10:30 group. Most of the parking is on route 9 at the intersection with Heeney Road. Be careful crossing route 9 as it is a busy road. Heeney Road is not very busy but it is a road with some traffic and people are encouraged to ride single file near the shoulder.  

Afterwords, we will have a picnic at North Pond in Silverthorne. North Pond is across from the elementary school at the corner of Hamilton Creek Road and Route 9. Please bring something to share with your friends, whatever you want to drink and sandwich.  We will not have a grill this week. Be sure to wear name tags, especially at the picnic.

This will be my last ride for the 2019 season.  It has been a pleasure coordinating the rides this year.  Hopefully if the weather holds out others will step up to lead rides over the next few weeks.

Ride Safe!

John Bowyer

Saturday, September 21

Fw: Ride September 23 (NOTE TIME CHANGE)

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Sent: Saturday, September 21, 2019, 03:04:55 PM MDT
Subject: Ride September 23 (NOTE TIME CHANGE)

Hello Summit Bikers,
The ride September 23 is to Ute Pass. There will be two starting points; North Pond in Silverthorne starting at 9:45 am (faster group perhaps with pace line) or from the bottom of Ute Pass road at 10:30 am (where Ute Pass intersects Route 9).  I plan to leave from Silverthorne, so if I am not at the bottom of Ute Pass at that start go without me.  Ute Pass Road is North of Silverthorne about 7 miles past North Pond.

Please be at either location at the specified times ready to ride with your name tags.  A picnic lunch will follow around 12:30 at North Pond Park.  Please bring something to share as well as your drink and a sandwich.  The grill, however, will not be set up.

Hope to see you there.

Ride Safe,

John Bowyer

Tuesday, September 17

Monday Summit Biking Ride for September 23rd

The Monday, Sept 23,2019 ride up Ute Pass, will start at either the North Pond Park by the Silverthorne Elementary School at 9:15 AM or Ute Pass Road & HWY 9 at 10 AM.  Please be at either location at the specified times ready to ride with your name tags.  A picnic lunch will follow at North Pond Park.  Please bring something to share.  The grill, however, will not be set up.

Monday, September 9

Monday Sept 16th Ride

Our September 16 ride, has several options, including Guanella Pass, Loveland Ski Area or Idaho Springs (all starting from the Georgetown Visitors Center).  Be ready to ride at 10 AM or 9:30 AM (if you want more time to complete the ride) from next to the Georgetown Visitor Center along Argentine Road (take exit 228 off I 70).  Parking is available along Argentine Road. The Visitor Center asked us not to use their parking lot.  There will be no grills . Bring a sandwich and a drink for after  as well as a dish to share with your friends.  In addition, please bring and wear name tags. The picnic will start around 12:15.  

If the weather does not look good for Monday I will send out an email, late Sunday.

Sunday, September 1

Sept 9th Ride

Hi Summit Bikers,
John Bowyer will be out of the County for the next several weeks. In his absence, I will be organizing the next  two Monday 
rides. That being said, the schedule calls for us to head to Vail in order to do Battle Mountain on Sept 9th
(there is no ride this Monday). Given the fact that the long range weather forecast  for the 9th is iffy,
  I'm proposing that we stay on this side of the divide and do a ride from Frisco to Vail Pass.
Let's park in the lot on the west end of Main Street in Frisco. There will be two start times, 9:30 (led by Eric Erslev), and 10AM
for those who wish to ride longer and/or faster. The prescribed ride is 28.5 miles in length with 1800 feet of climbing.
Head out of the parking lot and head up the rec path to Vail Pass, continue over the pass to the gate near Black
Lake, turn around and head back to Frisco, with a short detour behind the gas station taking the rec path spur toward 
Fremont Pass. If you haven't been on that section of the path this year you can observe two of the more spectacular
avalanche shoots that slid this winter. As always feel free to modify the ride in any way that you desire. The after ride picnic (there will be a grill)
will be at the Stoller's house in Frisco, a short distance form the parking lot. I will hand out precise directions as to how to get there
and where to park at the beginning of the rides (9:30 and 10AM). 

As usual bring something to eat and something to share as well as a chair if you have one. An added attraction this week will be a Peach
Cream pie compliments of the now infamous "Pie Man," Stephan Horlak.

See you all on the 9th,

Norm Stoller

Friday, August 23

Important Information for September Bike Rides (PLEASE READ)

Hello Summit Bikers,

For those that did not read there are two start times this week 9:30 for those who are slower and 10 for the rest of the group.  Be sure to print out the directions I had in the last email.  I did say to to cross Route nine  on two separate lines.  Only cross Route 9 once riding East on Tiger Road.  Near the end of the ride as you finish the Highlands section you do cross Route 9.  Any one with a serious problem can call me at 970 393 2190.

There will be no ride on Labor Day, September 2.  I will be out of the country for a few weeks after this but others have agreed to step up and coordinate the rides.  Please give them the same disrespect I have come to expect and love.

Hope to see everyone there.  Ride safe and have fun!!

John Bowyer

Monday, August 19

August 26 Bike Ride

Our August 26 ride takes place from the South end of Breckenridge Recreational Center.  This ride offers us a chance to see the work on restoring the Swan River and the Highlands area of Breckenridge.  Please print the directions below and bring them.  New this week we will try two start times.  Those riders that expect to need more time ( the slower group) should plan to start at 9:30 and others will start at 10.  The system of starting early has been going on for some time and this will give us a chance to formalize it.  Roberta Dakan will start the 9:30 riders and I will be there for the 10 am group.  Please bring a sandwich, something to share and your drink.  I think the ride should be about 2 hours, thus plan for the picnic to start at 11:45 to noon.

Park at far end (South) of Breckenridge Rec Center
Start on Bike Path go left
Cross Hwy 9 at Revett Drive (Tiger Run RV) Be careful here!!
Cross Hwy 9 at light at Tiger Road
Ride to end of Tiger Road and make U turn 
Turn left on Gold Run Road
Turn Right on Fairways Drive
Turn Right on Glenn Eagle Loop
Turn Right on Fairways Drive
Turn Left on Highlands Drive
Continue on Highlands Drive to Rt 9
Cross Rout 9 Turn Right on Bike Path
Return to Start

I have heard about a couple of bike accidents recently involving experienced cyclist.  It is easy to loose your concentration but the consequences can be painful, so be careful.

Ride Safe and have fun!!

John Bowyer

Monday, August 12

Bike Ride August 19

Thirty Five for one of the toughest rides of the year was a great number, although we only had about 12 at the picnic.  

Next week, August 19, we will ride to either Montezuma, A-Basin or Loveland Pass.  We will meet at the Dillon Amphitheater, ready to ride at 9:30 am.  There will not be a grill so plan to bring a sandwich, as well as a dish to share.  As always bring whatever you want to drink.  

I suggest avoiding the rec path through Keystone as things are very busy.   The suggested way is to turn right on Elk Drive going through the fence to Keystone Ranch Road and going left through the River Run Area of Keystone to Montezuma Road and to Montezuma (Those biking to A Basin or beyond can rejoin route 6 at River Run).  Please do not gather on the road at the end of Montezuma Road.  Those planning to ride to Montezuma should include a ride out to Keystone Ranch.  To do this addition pass the fence and continue on Keystone Ranch Road to the end.  Return to the fence and ride back to the start.  The goal is to get back to the picnic around noon.

Depending on where the work is taking place on route 6 we may not be doing that route, since the last update I read talked about shuttling bikers around the work zone.

Thanks to those wearing name tags.  I forgot mine this week, but will try next week.

Ride Safe!