Sunday, July 14

Bike Ride July 15

Hello Summit Bikers,

Good news we are still on for Leadville, Monday July 15.  I was concerned about the weather but it now looks like storms will be in the afternoon.  Bring bug spray as I have been told there is mosquito activity due to the wet spring.  If by chance there is a change overnight I will send out an update by 8 am.  No update means no change and we are a go.

Put on your calendars for next week we will be doing the very popular ice cream ride.  More details to follow.

Ride safe!

John Bowyer

Wednesday, July 10

July 15 Ride

Hello Summit Bikers:

Due to the weather last Monday we canceled our annual meeting until July 22.  Shame we could not hold the meeting since we had a large turn out for the ride.

Next week's ride, July 15, takes us out of the county to Turquoise Lake near Leadville.  This is a beautiful ride with great views of the lake and surrounding mountains.  We will meet at the Maid of Erin parking area.  Please be ready to ride at 10 am.  To get there take route 91 at the Copper exit toward Leadville.  As you enter Leadville there will be a Safeway on your right at a stop light.  Take a right at the stop light (Mountain View Drive) and follow the signs toward the golf course.  As you near the golf course there are signs for Turquoise Lake.  Follow these until you reach road 9C, take a right here and the Maid of Erin Parking area is on the left.  (If you reach the dam you have driven past the turn.)  There is a small fee, reduced for those with Access Cards.  Fee envelopes are available as you enter the parking area.  Please bring a pen to complete the envelope.  If this area is full there is free parking near the dam (which is a short bike ride or walk back to the picnic area).  To reach the dam go out of the Maid of Erin parking area and take the first right, go past the road you drove in on and park on the left just before the dam.  To walk back to the picnic area after the ride follow the path along the lake, it takes about 5 minutes.
I normally ride counter clockwise, control my speed and look ahead for potential problems.  Since this is a circle those that want a shorter ride should plan to turn around.  Remember this is on a road so stay to the right and watch out for pot holes.  As this is not an out and back and cell service is poor I will perform sag duties making sure there are no mechanical issues and no one is dropped.

There will not be a grill this week.  Plan to bring something to eat for lunch as well as something to share with your friends and a drink.  Folding chairs are needed as well.  This is a short but intense ride.  Bring something warm to wear after the ride as it is normally cool.
Those that would like to car pool are encouraged to meet at the west end of Frisco in the parking lot at 8:45.  If the chance of rain in the morning is a high chance of rain an email will be sent out Sunday night. 

Since we have so many new people this year I thought I should give everyone some of the basic info.  If it is raining when the ride is to start there will be no ride.  I do look at several forecasts and will send out an email the night before, especially if we are going out of the county.  Rides out of the county start at 10 am and in Summit County are at 9:30.  All riders are required to use helmets (although this is not a state law it is a rule of the club).  Ear phones are not allowed due to safety concerns.  Please wear name tags so your old trip coordinator can remember you.  Any name tag will work.
Most of all ride safe and have fun!
John Bowyer

Wednesday, July 3

July 8 Bike Ride

Next week we will ride to Montezuma.  We will meet at Amphitheater Parking Lot in Dillon, ready to ride at 9:30 am.  There will not be a grill so plan to bring a sandwich, as well as a dish to share.  As always bring whatever you want to drink.  I suggest avoiding the rec path through Keystone as things are very busy.   The suggested way is to turn right on Elk Drive going through the fence to Keystone Ranch Road and going left through the River Run Area of Keystone to Montezuma Road and to Montezuma.  Please do not gather on the road at the end of Montezuma Road (stand to the side with your bike).  Those planning to ride to Montezuma should include a ride out to Keystone Ranch.  To do this addition pass the fence and continue on Keystone Ranch Road to the end.  Return to the fence and ride back to the start.  The goal is to get back to the picnic and our annual meeting around noon.  

Normally there is great information at our meetings and this one is important since 5 board members are leaving.

Some of you had name tags last week and it does work well.  Keep wearing them!  Everyone else, get into the movement.

Ride Safe!


Tuesday, June 25

July 1 Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,

Next weeks ride, July 1, will be the Green Mountain Reservoir. The start of the ride is at the intersection of Route 9 and Heeney Road, approximately 20 miles north of Silverthorne (If you can see the reserviour you have driven too far.). Plan to be ready to ride at 9:30 am. Most of the parking is on route 9 at the intersection with Heeney Road. Be careful crossing route 9 as it is a busy road. Heeney Road is not very busy but it is a road with some traffic and people are encouraged to ride single file near the shoulder.  I realize we did this ride a few weeks ago, but normally due to a high number of visitors we do not ride July 4 week.  I chose Green Mountain since it is away from most of the visitors and with July 4 on a Thursday most campers will come up for a long weekend on the Fourth.

Afterwords, we will have a picnic at North Pond in Silverthorne. North Pond is across from the elementary school at the corner of Hamilton Creek Road and Route 9. Please bring something to share with your friends, whatever you want to drink and sandwich.  We will not have a grill this week. Be sure to wear name tags, especially at the picnic.

This is a fun ride to bring a guest along since it is an out and back and difficult to get lost on.

Ride Safe!

John Bowyer

Tuesday, June 18

June 24 Bike Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,

Next week, June 24 we are doing Tour De Soda.  Plan to meet at Dillon Amphitheater at 9:30 am, ready to ride.  We will have a grill so plan to bring something to grill, as well as something to share and drink. 

The route takes us to the River Run Area of Keystone, out to the Old Ranch House, through Soda Creek and back to our cars.  Please print out the directions below and have them with you.   There are a number of turns but once you ride through it is not that complicated.

There are lots of new members this year and I ask each of you to make a special effort to make them fell welcome.  Wear name tags so people get to know each other better.


Bike path to River Run Area of Keystone
(some may prefer different routes)
On road through Mountain House Area and
past area where we normally weave through the fence
To Keystone Ranch House Road
Just before the Ranch Restaurant turn left to stay on
Keystone Ranch House Road
At end of road return to weave through fence (At River Run Golf course)
(normal place where we ride)
You should be on Elk Spur Lane
Go straight / left at Elk Circle
Go left on River Course Drive and stay to far right on
what appears to be a sidewalk (It is the community
path and may have gravel)
Stay on path until the end and go right (It looks like a
golf path) and is steep in places
Stay straight on the path crossing over a road
When Path takes a hard left stop walk through complex to right
(Option is to turn left on Swan Mtn and follow directions below)
Left onto Summit Drive
Left onto Vail Circle
Left onto Summit Drive / Cove Blvd
Left on Whispering Pines Ranch Road
Left on Forest Glen Road
Right on Royal Coachman Blvd
At Coachman Court get on bike path
Return to Start

The route should take about 2 to 2.5 hours.  Lunch and the meeting will be in the picnic area shelter.

I still need assistance to put out picnic supplies.  Please contact me at if willing even for a few weeks.  Two positions on the board will be open soon as well.  Summit Biking has had an impact on our community and we need your help to continue. 

Ride safe!

John Bowyer

Monday, June 17

June 17 Ride Cancelled

Everything looks wet and the odds of more rain are very high so I feel we should not ride today.  Things should be better next week.

Sunday, June 16

June 17 Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,

Tomorrows ride, June 17 will be from North Pond in Silverthorne.  The weather looks very iffy so if it is raining at 9:15 do not come.  Otherwise meet at North Pond and we will ride toward Keystone at 9:30. North Pond is across from the elementary school at the North end of Silverthorne, just off route 9. Those that want to risk going further should have rain gear.  We will have a picnic back at North Pond so please bring something to share as well as sandwich and drink.  We will not have a grill this week since the probability of rain is high and cooking out in the rain is not fun.

Sorry for the late notice but just got back from RTR and looked at the weather.

Ride Safe,

John Bowyer

Thursday, June 13

Status of Ten Mile Canyon Path between Frisco & Copper Mountain

Summit County and their contractor have started clearing the Ten Mile Canyon path through Officer's Gulch between Frisco and Copper Mountain. Barring significant damage to the path being uncovered, they hope to have the path open by mid-July.

Summit County Open Space and Trails also announced that the path between Copper Mountain and the Vail Pass rest area has been cleared and is now open for the season.

See the recent Summit Daily news article for additional detail and some photos.

Summit Biking

Tuesday, June 11

Construction on US 6 Loveland Pass

The following is a message and attachment is from APC Construction regarding work being done on Loveland Pass. Note that cyclists riding uphill will be stopped and shuttled through the active construction zone. Those riding downhill will move with the traffic, which could be heavy due to traffic stops and delays.


Good Morning!
My name is Judy Lopez. I am the Public Information Officer for APC Southern Construction, we will be starting work on US 6 on Monday, June 17, 2017.  I will be sending weekly updates, like the one attached, so that you will know what to expect and you travel through the project area.  A couple of key things to keep in mind as work progresses:  
  • There will be no weekend or holiday work that will interrupt cycling events like the Triple Bypass 
  • A 10 foot width Restriction will be in place during project work hours.         
Please share these with your constituents and please feel free to contact me at (970)406-2871 or email at,if you have any questions.  
Thank You!


Sunday, June 9

Monday June 10 Ride Update

Some of you may have noticed that on Monday Dillon Lake  Road will be closed. Thanks to Wayne and Ruth Haley for alerting me to this. After a little creative investigation, thanks to Karen Kaminski, we will still be able to meet at the amphitheater parking lot in Dillon. 

If you are coming from the Keystone/Summit Cove area turn left at the Eagle statue/parking lot (the street is Tenderfoot after you turn), go straight up the hill and turn left on LaBonte., the turn left at the Arapahoe Cafe.

If you are coming from Silverthorne take the traffic circle ( roundabout) across from  City Market  and take LaBonte up towards the Arapahoe Cafe. Turn right at the Cafe.

Be ready to ride at 9:30.  There is a picnic after so bring something to share.  There will NOT be a grill on Monday.

If you have questions call, email or text.
Polly Koch