Tuesday, May 30

Monday June 5 Bike Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,

Rumors of me not coming back from Africa were exaggerated and I look forward to coordinating most of this years remaining rides.
Next weeks ride, June 5, will be the Green Mountain Reservoir. The start of the ride is at the intersection of Route 9 and Heeney Road, approximately 20 miles north of Silverthorne. Plan to be ready to ride at 9:30 am. Most of the parking is on route 9 at the intersection with Heeney Road. Be careful crossing route 9 as it is a busy road. Heeney Road is not very busy but it is a road with some traffic and people are encouraged to ride single file near the shoulder. This is the only Summit County ride with rolling hills as you ride on the west side of the reservoir.  Pay attention as there are some pot holes and a rough spot or two.

Afterwords, we will have a picnic at North Pond in Silverthorne. North Pond is across from the elementary school at the corner of Hamilton Creek Road and Route 9. Please bring something to share with your friends, whatever you want to drink and something to grill as we will have a grill. 

This is a fun ride to bring a guest along since it is an out and back and difficult to get lost on.

John Bowyer

Friday, May 26

Monday 5/29 Bike Ride

The ride will be between Idaho Springs and Georgetown and back. We will meet at Countney Riley Copper Park in Idaho Springs at 10:00 am ready to ride. To get to the park take exit 239 from I 70, and go straight on Colorado Boulevard. The park is on the left next to the creek. The drive takes about 45 minutes. We will have a grill so bring something to cook and something to share with your friends. As always bring what you would like to drink. Plan to be back for the picnic between 12:30 and 1:00. This is the same park we have been to for the last few years.

Thursday, May 25

Summit Biking Jerseys

We have exciting news about our new Summit Biking Jerseys. For those of you that missed ordering a jersey last summer we able to place another order with Primal in June.

Primal is allowing us to reorder a smaller quantity at the same price as last year of $70.00 (plus tax) per jersey.

This is a limited offer from Primal. We must get back to Primal with the number of jerseys and sizes by the middle of June.

We are asking you to let us know if you are interested in purchasing a jersey and what size you anticipate you would need. If you have not seen the new bike jersey and have questions about sizing ( they do run a bit small but not as small as Pearl Izumi sizing) go the the Summit Biking web page (summitbiking.org) and clink on the link on the right side of the web page that mentions the new jersey. There is a picture of the jersey there and another link to the sizing at Primal. This jersey is a full zip.

We will not have the sample jerseys at this time to try on to determine your size. The club will order additional jerseys in case the size you anticipated you needed was not correct.

Once you pick up the jersey in the summer (probably the end of July) you will pay the club for your jersey at that time.

If you are interested in a jersey please email Polly Koch (Polly.Koch@juno.com) directly no later than June 16th with gender and size information

Monday, May 15

Monday May 22 - Bear Creek from Morrison to Denver

The Monday, May 22 ride is the Bear Creek Trail from Morrison into Denver, which starts west of the 470 loop near Bear Creek Lake Park at the Morrison exit (more details a bit further below).  There is a gas station across the road from the parking lot with rest rooms.

 Directions to the Ride

To get to the start of the ride go east on 70 toward Denver and get off on 470 south. Take 470 to the Morrison exit and turn right. The parking lot is on the right at the corner of S. Rooney Road and Morrison Road. If you are late, the bike path is across Morrison Road from the parking area, then ride east under 470. The drive from exit 205 (Silverthorne) to the start is approximately 1 hour. Plan to be ready to ride by 10 am. If it appears likely that it will rain during the ride I will send an email out the afternoon before canceling.

 Details of the Bear Creek Ride

From the parking lot the trail starts on the other side of Morrison Road and goes through Bear Creek Park (though bikes do not need to pay).   Go right shortly after the entrance shack and ride past the beach area and up over the dam.  On the other side of the dam you pass a golf clubhouse and ride down the road until you get to a stop sign.  Bear Creek Trail goes off to the right and follows the creek all the way to the Platte River.  At the Platte River the intent will be to turn around and ride back (though you hot shots might want to also ride a ways up the Platte River Trail before turning back).

An alternate riding route for those that would prefer it would be a loop up route 74 to Evergreen.  The route goes through Morrison and up to Evergreen Lake.  Stay on route 74 until Evergreen Parkway.  Ride on the shoulder of the Parkway until Kerr Gulch.  Turn Right on Kerr Gulch.  Stay on Kerr Gulch until it meets Route 74.  Turn left on Route 74 and return to Morrison.

There will be no "official" picnic for this first ride but those wanting to bring their own food to eat afterwards certainly can do so. I understand from John that there are no picnic tables at the parking area, though there may be suitable options in the area – I'll try to scout that out before the 22nd but that may not be possible.  Other options for those interested would be to find a restaurant either in the area or on the way back up to Summit.  In the past, John and others have met at the Blue Cow in Morrison (though John admits he's not sure if that's still available).  The Blue Cow is located at 316 Bear Creek Avenue and according to their web site has plenty of parking.  I'll leave it to you all to plan and coordinate your own lunch arrangements.

This season`s rides are on the website SummitBiking.org.  There is a lot of other useful information on the site such as safety tips and where Summit Bikers can get discounts at local bike shops.  Members without a life time membership should use the website and join for the 2017 bike season. This is also a great time to tell others about our rides, since most Summit Country people are very active.

Thursday, May 11

Monday, May 15th -Let's Ride

By the looks of the long term weather report Monday the 15th looks to be a good day to ride in County. We will meet at the parking lot at the West end of Main St in Frisco, across form the Kayak shop (used to be called the El Rio lot now the West Main St lot) at 10AM. For those who are interested we will place a pizza order at the start of the ride which will be delivered to my house in Frisco at about 12 noon. At the start of the ride I will give you precise directions to my house which is about 1/2 mile from the lot. You will be able to park on our block. Bring drinks, chairs and a few dollars to over the cost of the pizza. The ride possibilities are, out and back to Breck, or up to Copper Mtn and beyond probably to the first wood bridge above Copper. The last report was that there is one 50 yard stretch of snow on the Frisco to Copper section of the Rec Path.
Hope to see you on Monday.

Norm Stoller