Sunday, February 14

Summit Biking News

Although we haven't had our normal ration of snow, most of us still think of it as winter, especially after the recent snowfall. But there has been quite a bit of activity at Summit Biking, and we'd like you to know about it.

Summit Biking is now the proud owner, and will be organizing and operating the Circle the Summit-Bob Guthrie Memorial Ride. Thanks to the efforts of Bob Faucett, Erin Kneedler, and Bob Chebul, the event co-chairs, much progress has been made, and this years event, to be held Saturday August 14 will be spectacular. The ride will begin and end in Frisco in conjunction with Music on Main Street. Mark your calendars for that date. The all new ride website at will be up and running shortly.

If you haven't been to our website at recently, check it out. Thanks to the efforts of Web Meister Rick Oshlo some dramatic changes have been made. The most obvious is on the membership page, where you can now renew your membership online. You might notice that we have added some membership categories. Along with the annual membership of $15 you can also join as a couple for $25. And we now offer lifetime memberships for singles for $100 and couples at $150. Just choose your option and click on pay now, and you'll go to Paypal to make your payment. After that remember to click on the button in Paypal to return to our site to complete the membership form and waiver.

Renew NOW while you're thinking about it by clicking on the Summit Biking link and then going to the membership page.

Enjoy the rest of winter and hope for more snow.