Tuesday, June 29

New mountain Bike for sale

A neighbor just won a brand new Gary Fisher-Marlin mountain bike.

She doesn't mountain bike and wants to sell it.


It is a 17.5 frame that can be traded up to a larger frame, dual suspension and disc brakes.


Retail is $800.  She is willing to deal.


If interested, contact Erika Schmidt at 970-409-9236 or at ebs237@Hotmail.com



Sunday, June 27

Ribbon cutting Tuesday June 29th.

The county is asking that we do NOT ride up the new Sapphire Recpath section before the ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday.  For those of you that are going to ride up to the ceremony, you will have to take either the road up from the High School or use Swan Mountain Rd from the top of the Lowry section.


The ceremony is at 11.00am and, as you know, there is very limited parking at the Sapphire parking area-most of which will be used by County officials.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Bob F

Saturday, June 26

June 28 Ride

The June 28 ride will be our annual jaunt north on Rt 9 from Silverthorne to Heeney. Meet at the southern entrance of the Heeney Rd ready to ride at 9:30. We'll ride 11 miles to where the north end of Heeney Rd reaches Rt 9 and back again to the start.

After the ride, we'll drive (or bike) to the Eagles Nest Pavilion in Silverthorne for lunch. The pavilion entrance is the north Eagles Nest Entrance under the pillars. There we will have a BBQ available if you want to cook, so bring something to eat, drink and share.

There will not be a group ride July 5th due to the holiday weekend, so Monday will be your last chance to pre-order your Chipotle burrito. If you miss Monday's ride, you can order the morning of July 12th, but get your order in this week if possible.

An order form is attached. Bring it to this Monday's ride with (hopefully) exact change. Chipotle is making a contribution to the bike path system for each burrito ordered that day, so you can feel good about eating lunch. Just give the order form to Arnie or Shelly Hendon or one of the members of the board of directors.

Thursday, June 24

Ribbon cutting for the Swan Mountain Path

On Tues June 29 at 11AM, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Sapphire section of the Swan Mountain Path. This will be at the Sapphire Point parking area where the new section terminates. I hope you can all be there and join the festivities. There will be no parking at the site, so you will have to ride or walk there. We'll have more info about those options soon.

Thursday, June 17

Monday 6/21 Ride

As very few of us were at the ride last week, next weeks ride will once again begin at the Frisco Marina at 9:30. The planned ride will be from there up to Copper Mountain, and maybe to Vail Pass. Of course there are other options from there that allow you to go to Breck, over the dam to Dillon, etc. As usual there will be lunch (but no BBQ) after the ride, so bring something to eat, drink and share. There is limited seating and few tables, so you might want to bring a chair or blanket to sit on, and if you have a table we could use a couple of those.

And once again, if you are just getting into the County, or it slipped your mind, please go to www.summitbiking. org, and click on "membership" towards the top of the page. There you will have the opportunity to activate your membership in the best biking group in Summit County for 2010.

Again this year Chipotle is having a support the bike paths day. This year's will be on July 12, and we will take your order and pick up the Burritos and bring them back to the picnic after the ride. Attached is the form you need to fill out and bring to the ride on Monday. If possible please bring the exact amount or a check made out to Summit Biking. Just find one of the Board members or Arnie Hendon to collect them. The earlier we get your order the better.

Sunday, June 13

Why has Summit Biking changed

Many of you might be wondering why Summit Biking has gone from a low-key group to the nonprofit corporation it is now. And it’s a good question as we haven’t fully explained the reasons. Bob Guthrie and I began Summit Biking 12 years ago. We had 12 bikers at that first ride, and Bob and I knew them all, having ridden and skied with them. Word got out about the fun we were having, and more bikers came out each Monday and numbers increased exponentially. Even with the larger number of participants we still kept it simple as the years went by, even though we no longer knew everyone. However with the advent of construction of the Swan Mountain Rec Path, things became more complicated. Early in the design, fundraising, and then construction, the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG) was the actual fundraiser, with members of Summit Biking on the Friends of the Swan Mountain Rec Path committee. As the Swan Mountain project comes to a close, NWCCOG has removed itself from the scene. In order to continue the fundraising efforts and, in particular, to have a home for the Bob Guthrie Ride, a new nonprofit organization was necessary.

It was decided, as the majority of the Rec Path members were also involved with Summit Biking, that Summit Biking should be that entity. So with the premise that riding was what we were all about, Summit Biking became a nonprofit corporation. For tax purposes and liability issues, it was decided that there was really no other option. Go to our home page at www.summitbiking.org and read our mission statement. In part it says: “Our mission is to enhance recreational bicycling opportunities in Summit County…” It adds that we aim to be a fundraising resource to enhance recreational riding opportunities in Summit County. Through your generous contributions, previous “Bob Guthrie Memorial Rides” and the annual concert, we have raised approximately $75,000. This money was used for matching funds that generated over $400,000 in total private funds being raised.

At this time we are looking at using the funds from your dues and receipts from the 2010 CIRCLE THE SUMMIT RIDE, to be held August 14, to light the tunnel at the top of Vail Pass and for whatever additional expenses are needed by the county to finish Phase 3 (Summit Cove) of the Swan Mountain Recpath. We have already had considerable impact as a force in biking in Summit County, when CDOT listened to our comments regarding signage and center rumble strips when repaving Loveland Pass. And to continue this, we have written a letter of support for rerouting the rec path behind the Conoco Station at Copper and hope this eventually leads to a path up Freemont Pass.
As this is your group and we want to know where you want enhancements made to the entire Summit County road-biking experience, please let us know so the Summit Biking Board of Directors can compile our collective wish list.

Summit Biking by necessity has evolved. But the simpler lifestyle we all aspire to is still present each and every Monday. We ride; we eat; we talk; we make friends; and then we do it again. We hope all of you remain members and recruit others to join us in this truly unique experience. Yes, there are dues and a waiver to complete, but when you look out at the mountains and shift into a lower gear to make that hill, remember why we love to ride. Finally, let us know how we are doing and what we can do to make this an even better experience.

Al Kahn

Thursday, June 10

Black Hawk Bike Ban

See here for Bicycle Colorado's summary on the Black Hawk Bike Ban and their efforts to mitigate it out of concern for setting a precedent for other towns.

June 14th ride---Update

To clarify the ride announcement, there won't be a BBQ available this Monday. Also you might want to bring your own chair, and we could use 2-3 tables. If you plan on bringing a table , please respond to me, so we can alert everyone when we have enough.



Wednesday, June 9

June 14th ride

Next weeks ride will begin at the Frisco Marina at the usual time of 9:30. The planned ride will be from there up to Copper Mountain, and maybe to Vail Pass. Of course there are other options from there that allow you to go to Breck, over the dam to Dillon, etc. As usual there will be lunch after the ride, so bring something to eat, drink and share.

And once again, if you are just getting into the County, or it slipped your mind, please go to www.summitbiking.org, and click on "membership" towards the top of the page. There you will have the opportunity to activate your membership in the best biking group in Summit County for 2010.

Monday, June 7

Bicycle Ban on all Roads in BLACK HAWK

Received this from our Denver Bicycling Tour Club friends:

Yesterday I rode with team evergreen up the the central city parkway to Black Hawk and 7 of us got stopped by the police in black hawk at the post office/coffee shop at our re-group point. Black hawk passed an ordinance (attached) last July that just went into effect in the last 2 weeks that BANS BICYCLES ON ALL ROADS in black hawk!! http://www.cityofblackhawk.org/.

The only road through BH that you can ride a bike is 119, but there are no roads you can ride on from central city parkway to get to 119 or 119 to central city parkway!

They didn't see us ride our bikes, so no tickets.

Police told us that they "have been instructed not to give warnings".

So when you hit the city limit, you have to dismount and walk your bike about a mile down the steep hill to get to 119 & peak to peak highway and to do the golden gate canyon loop or turn around at that point (to avoid the walk back up the hill).

Please pass the word so no cyclist gets a ticket. I also know in some small towns (maybe Nederland, but I may be wrong), if you get stopped and you don't have a photo ID, you will get a ticket for that as well, I have no idea if Black Hawk has a rule like that. I thought if an announcement came from you, more people may read it than if I posted it as a discussion on the site.

I think I need to do the only honorable thing.... launch a facebook page "bicyclist against the black hawk bike ban"!!!

Give a call if you want to talk live!




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Children's bike

Bill Pritchett is looking for a road or cross bike for his grand son Ian.

Ian is 10 years old, has climbing Montezuma with us on a small mountain bike and Bill is trying to get him up the hills faster and easier(until he starts beating Bill, then he will wish he kept him on the mountain bike:):)

If anyone knows of a skinny wheel or cross bike for a young guy with a 26" in seam-(a 25" frame??), please send Bil a note at: billandcarolpritchett@gmail.com

Thursday, June 3

Swan Mountain Update

Word has it that the contractor is on-site and mobilizing to asphalt the Sapphire segment. The work is expected to be completed by the end of the month. Also, bids are due back June 9th for the Summit Cove segment, with a goal of starting construction the latter half of June.

June 7 ride

The first Monday ride of the bike season is also the first in Summit County, so we hope everyone here will join us. The ride will start from the Dillon Amphitheater at 9:30. The official route will be heading towards Swan Mountain and then up the path. From there you can return to the start, or continue heading up and around the lake. As there is the usual construction on Tenderfoot St at the beginning of the path, you might also want to consider riding in the other direction to Frisco. As usual there will be a BBQ so bring something to grill, drink and share with the other riders.

And if you haven't completed your membership for this year, please go to www.Summitbiking.org click on the member icon, and join your friends in Summit Biking.