Saturday, September 21

Monday 9/23 Ride

This Monday's ride was originally planned for Idaho Springs; however, there is a high probability of rain and the trees are just turning in Summit County, so let's plan on riding from the Dillon Amphitheater at 10am instead, weather permitting. Options are the usual: Montezuma, around the lake, to Copper, etc. There will not be a picnic.

On a different note, Lou and I rode to Vail Pass today. The repaving has been completed on the middle third of the path between Copper and the summit. The upper third has been scored and torn up in preparation for paving and the lower third thus far is as it was in August.

Wednesday, September 11

Monday 9/16 Show & Go Ride

This ride originally was scheduled to go from the Frisco Marina to Vail Pass; however, the path between Copper & Vail Pass is closed weekdays for repaving.

The ride will still start from the Frisco Marina at 9:30, but will go to Dillon and up to Keystone, Montezuma or just around the Lake. The ride will be Show & Go format since there is not a designated ride leader/starter at this time. Riders also can follow the original route as far as Copper Mountain.

Sunday, September 1

September unofficial Wed/Fri rides

I'm heading back to California tomorrow. It's been fun riding with y'all on the Wed and Fri rides over the past 9 weeks, and I hope to be back next year.

I don't know of anyone planning to announce weekly official Summit Biking Wed and Fri rides during September, but some of you say that you may from time to time send out emails for unofficial rides e.g. when you're intending to ride yourself, and send out a mail about route and start time/place. When you do so, please make clear that these rides are not Summit Biking-endorsed. If things change, and someone is able to lead regular official Wed/Fri rides, please contact Rick Oshlo before you do so, for instructions on how the club likes these rides to be announced.

Enjoy the late summer ! :-)