Wednesday, June 22

June 27 Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,
The ride this week starts from the Day Lodge on the Frisco Peninsula (this is the large building at the bottom of the tubing hill).  The ride is dedicated to Bill Pritchard, one of Summit Bikers greatest supporters.  His tragic loss earlier this year will be felt strongly by our community.  He was always willing to lead a ride when needed or do traffic control in Dillon on Saturday nights after the concerts.  The ride will go either up to Copper Mountain or around the lake to Soda Creek so that participants can return in time for a Celebration of Life service inside the Day Lodge.
The Celebration of Life will be held between noon and 2 pm and all are invited.  Everyone is invited to stay (in your bike clothes - but no cleats inside the building).  A light lunch and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided so there is no need to bring lunch this week.
If by chance we have rotten weather again Monday the Celebration of Life will still take place at noon.
On August 8 we will have a ride from Team Managers where Stewart Voutour will give us a short technical bike talk prior to the ride.  If you have a specific question that you would like addressed send me an email at  More details on this ride when we closer to the date.
If you have an emergency during the bike ride and need help my cell phone is 970 333-1806.  Do not leave messages but I will try to answer.
John Bowyer

Monday, June 20

Channel 4 Colorado Getaways Segment

As noted in an earlier post, Doug Whitehead, the award winning producer of CBS Channel 4's Colorado Getaways series, recently came to Summit County to film a segment on Bob Guthrie and the completion of the Swan Mountain Rec Path around Lake Dillon. The 5 minute segment, which can be viewed here on  Summit Biking's Website, aired on June 18 as part of a half hour show on Colorado Biking.

The only error in his story is that he says the new lane from the High School to Sapphire Point is for both climbing and descending. PLEASE do not descend from Sapphire Point in the new lane! It not wide enough for two way traffic and is dedicated for climbing up to Sapphire Point ONLY.

Sunday, June 19

June 20 Ride Cancellation

Hello Summit Bikers,
After listening to the weather and looking at several weather internet sites I think it is a good time to review the cancellation policy of Summit Biking.  If it is raining or snowing at the time of the ride we likely do not ride.  On occasion we do ride but only if it appears that clearing is about to take place and the rain is more of a mist.  Complicating things this weeks ride is to Loveland Pass / Montezuma and it is our policy to not ride into a flood zone, even if it is only a voluntary evacuation area.
I regret to say the forces of nature are converging on Summit County and unless we have one of those storms that decides to go another way we are in for a terrible day tomorrow and therefor we will not be riding.  If by chance we wake up to sunny skies show up and we will ride.  There will not be a grill, however.
Lets hope summer gets here soon!
This ride will be reschedule for a date in the future.  Next week we are ridding from the Day Lodge on the Frisco peninsula.  More on that in a few days.
John Bowyer

Thursday, June 16

Vail Tunnel Lighting ceremony

To all Summit Biking members,


Come join the BOD of Summit Biking for the "official" lighting of the new solar powered Vail Pass Tunnel lights.  This will happen at approximately 10.30am this Saturday, June 18th.  You can come by bike or by car and walk down to the tunnel.


See you there.


Summit Biking BOD

Wednesday, June 15

June 20 Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,
On Saturday June 18 be sure to tune in to channel 4 to see "Colorado Getaways."  This week is about the Swan Mountain Recpath and they have promised a plug for our Circle the Summit Ride.
This weeks ride will be from the Dillon Amphitheater Parking lot either up to Montezuma or Loveland Pass.  Be ready to roll Monday morning at 9:30 am.  We will have a grill going so bring something to cook, a drink and something to share with your friends.  See you there.
An emergency number if required is 970 333-1806.   Do not leave messages but I will try to answer.
John Bowyer

Summit Biking and Breck Bike Week

Hi all,

Summit Biking has been invited to participate in Breck Bike week (see below).  It would involve setting up and manning a booth with information on our Circle the Summit Ride as well as leading a couple rides from Breck.


Your Board of Directors have their plates totally overflowing at the moment, so the only way we could participate would be for some Summit Biking members to step up and take over this event.  We believe that the exposure would be great for our Circle the Summit ride as well as for Summit Biking.


If you are interested and willing to lead or work at this effort, please get back to me at or give me a call at 390-5521.



Bob Faucett


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "Rachel Zerowin" <>
Cc: "Cat Alletto" <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 1:14:53 PM
Subject: Summit Biking and Breck Bike Week

Hi Bob,


I believe we've met at the Pro Challenge LOC meetings (and I'm sure I'll see you and/or Rick Thursday). I'm reaching out today b/c I think Summit Biking could be a good fit for Breck Bike Week, July 6-10.


There are opportunities that would involve your organization leading a group road ride and in return, visibility for Summit Biking and the upcoming Circle the Summit. If that's something you're interested in, I'd suggest contacting Cat Alletto, cc'd here, who's organizing many of the events. Her contact info is below.


If you're not familiar, Breck Bike Week is a celebration of all types of cycling, for all abilities. Groups such as the Continental Divide Land Trust and the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance are leading mountain rides to gain some visibility for their programs and now we're looking for folks interested in the road side of things. You can learn more about the event here: Please let us know if you have any questions; we'd love to get Summit Biking involved! -R


Cat Alletto

(C) 303.518.4140

(O) 970.668.8900

(F) 970.668.2085



Rachel Zerowin
Breckenridge Resort Chamber

Office: 970-453-5064

Cell: 303-717-9620


Tuesday, June 14

General membership meeting - Summit Biking

The membership meeting scheduled for Monday June 20th has been rescheduled to July 11th.


Both the Monday Ride and the meeting will be at the Sr. Center at the County Commons. Ride will be at the usual 9.30am and the meeting will start in one of the meeting rooms at 11.45am.  Lunch will be without a BBQ, so bring a sandwich and something to share.


The purpose of the meeting is simply to bring the Summit Biking members up to date with what the Board of Director is doing and to get your input on various subjects. Things to think about before the meeting would be:


1-Where would you suggest "picnic tables and shelters" be put up along the Recpath system?

2-What other suggestions might you have to enhancements to the Recpath System?

3-Nominations for future Board of Director openings?

4-Volunteers to help work on various committees. We always need some "fresh blood" on all committees.


See you there.


Bob Faucett - President, Summit Biking

Thursday, June 9

June 13 Bike Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,
Next weeks ride, June 13, will take us from the Frisco Marina up to either Copper or the top of Vail Pass.  The lights in the tunnel are schedule to be finished if all goes to plan (but no promises).  Another option is to ride to Breckenridge and back, checking out the water flow in the Blue River.  We will not have a grill so bring something that does not have to be cooked as well as something to share with your friends.  The snack bar should be open so that is a possibility for a sandwich or drink as well.   Meet at the Frisco Marina at 9:30 ready to ride.
Something new is if you have an emergency or bike problem contact me at 970 333-1806.  Do not leave a message but I will try to answer.
Remember stay right and pass on the left with a verbal warning.
John Bowyer

Tuesday, June 7

Fwd: SMC #1 Frisco

To all Summit Bikers that enjoy both mountain biking and road biking:


I received this (below) from Jeff Westcott today asking to spread the work for any of you that might want to try a casual mountain biking race category in his (Maverick Sports) race series.  The 1st race is tomorrow, so just check out his Web Site below for information and go have some fun.


Bob Faucett


PS:  Jeff has been a tremendous help to Summit Biking in getting the new Summit Biking "Junior Road Development Program" off the ground.  We want to support him, if you like mountain bike races.


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "Jeff Westcott" <>
To:, "Debra Nelson" <>
Sent: Monday, June 6, 2011 10:15:26 AM
Subject: SMC #1 Frisco

Hey Guys,

Was hoping you could help me out with something!

The first race in the SMC is this Wednesday night.

I've created a new category called "Rec Open".  This is the perfect category for those wanting to check out MTB racing in a non-competitive group.

This category is for the Lady or Gentleman racer who could care less about being tagged "Beginner, Sport or Expert".  This group will be more interested in getting the hard ride out of the way so they can have a cold one.  Frankly, this is the perfect group for any Summit Biking members that want to check out our scene and perhaps were too intimidated in the past.

Would it be possible to pass this along?


Jeff Westcott

Maverick Sports Promotions

Like Maverick on Facebook!!


Thursday, June 2

Summit Biking jerseys

To all Summit Biking members and potential members:


We have had several requests for new "Club" jerseys and would like to accommodate those requests.  However, the supplier we have used in the past will only produce more jerseys with a minimum number order and the Club does not want to carry an inventory at this time.


At the present time, a change in our supplier and a new design for the jersey is under consideration.  If enough people request a jersey with the older design, I will place that order.  This will probably be the last time the present jersey will be produced.


Here is what to do:  Anyone that would like to replace their present jersey or order a new one, please send  me your name and jersey size to: and if there is a large enough quantity, I will order them immediately.  Do NOT just reply to this blog, but send the information directly to me.



If there are not sufficient numbers, I'll let those that are interested know and you will have to wait until a new design and supplier can be set up. 
An alternative to our old jersey would be to consider the new Circle the Summit jersey, which you can order on an individual basis.  Information on that can be found on the club's website ( under the Merchandise tab or on
Thank you,
Bob Faucett, President, Summit Biking

Wednesday, June 1

June 6 Bike Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,
It is time for our first ride in Summit County. Monday June 6, 9:30 am we will ride around Green Mountain Reservoir. To get there go North out of Silverthorne for around 20 miles. We meet at the corner of Route 9 and Heeney Road. Most of the parking is on the right side of Route 9 so be careful crossing the road. This is an out and back ride so there is only one leader. Afterword we will have a picnic at North Pond in Silverthorne. North Pond is located across from the elementray school on the left hand side as you drive South. It is at the corner of Route 9 and Hamilton Creek Road. We will have a grill so plan to bring a drink, something to cook and something to share with your friends. Bring a chair or blanket as there is only one picnic table.
Since many of you are just getting back to the County for summer be sure to think about saftey and bring a helmet.
John Bowyer