Saturday, October 6

October 8 Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,
This week, October 8 we will meet at the Frisco Marina for a show and go ride.  Due to the very cold mornings I suggest meeting at 11 am.  Show and go means that participants meet and select the ride they want to do and go.  A suggestion is to ride over the dam and down the rec-path through Silverthorne to the elementary school.  At that point the group can go towards Hamilton Creek and those that want can to climb can continue to ride up, while others may want to retrace their route back to Frisco.  Due to the small numbers this time of year we will not have a picnic. 
As I will be leaving for a fall vacation October 13 this is the last email of the season.  For those that want to ride on Mondays, if the weather is nice, meet at the Frisco Marina at 11 am and continue to do the show and go rides until things get to rough.
Use signals, ride safe and have fun. 
John Bowyer