Tuesday, August 16

Guthrie BikeTrail trash pick up day

Hi fellow bikers
Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 17th is our Guthrie bike trail cleanup day. We're meeting at 9:30 AM by the pit toilets in Summit Cove parking lot. Our adopted segment is actually pretty clean, so we'll probably be able to ride around the lake. I would suggest that you bring a small backpack lined with a plastic bag for any trash you might pick up. I'll bring some disposable gloves.
Bob Giordano, President Summit Biking

August 22 Bike Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,

Sorry we did not have a grill August 15 but Bonnie and I miss communicated.

Next weeks ride has several options, including Guanella Pass, Loveland Ski Area or Idaho Springs.  Be ready to ride at 10 am from next to the Georgetown Visitor Center along Argentine Road (take exit 228 off I 70).  Parking is available along Argentine Road and the visitor center asked us not to take up all their parking.  Since there are no grills bring a sandwich and a drink for after the ride during our social hour following the ride as well as a dish to share with your friends. The picnic will start around 12:15, although the Guanella Pass riders may need more time. The road to Guanella Pass has been chipped sealed and is rough to ride down.

I have had a great time putting the rides together this season and am sure Don Hansen will continue to do a great job.
Ride Safe!
John Bowyer 

Monday, August 8

August 15 Bike Ride

Hello Summit Bikers;

Below is a route through Silverthorne.  Do not worry about the many turns since most of them are easy to follow once you riding the route. The recpath does go by the outlets (watch for walkers) and the route does cross Route 9 twice so caution is advised. Please print this out and have for the ride. If lost ride downhill as the recpath is along the Blue River. We hope to have a photographer take a picture as we wind down the dam.  If you have a SummitBiking Jersey please wear it and hopefully we will have a sunny day.

Dillon Amphitheater – Start
Go toward the dam
R on Silverthorne path
to N. Pond
R End of Path (Allegra Dr)
R at stop sign (Hamilton Cr Rd)
Ride to top and turn
L on Lakeview Circle
Complete Lakeview Circle turn
L at bottom of Circle
(continuation of Hamilton Cr Road)
R on Bald Eagle
Cross Rt 9 to Golden Eagle
L on Falcon Dr.
L on Golden Eagle
L on Two Cabins
R on Arnica Ln
L on Currant Way (easy to miss)
L on Hunters Knob Rd
R Game Trail Rd
R on Rt 9
L at N. Pond
R on Allegra Dr.
L on Recpath
Return to Start
Picnic start 11:45 or so

An alternative route is to ride down the Dam and through Silverthorne to North Pond (end of the recpath) and return, riding the dam to Frisco and returning around 11:45.  We will have a grill so please bring something to grill, a drink and to share with your friends.

If there is an emergency my cell number is 970 393-2190.

Margaret and I will be gone from the end of August through the rest of the biking season.  Don Hansen will be leading the group during this period.

Ride Safe and have fun!

John Bowyer

Sunday, August 7

Annual Meeting Reminder

The Summit Biking Annual Members Meeting is scheduled for Monday August 8th at the Dillon Marina/Amphitheater park immediately following the Monday Group Ride and Pot Luck Lunch. Please plan to attend if possible.

Tuesday, August 2

August 8 Bike Ride -- Tour De Soda -- and Annual Meeting

Hello Summit Bikers,

Next week, August 8 we are having the Summit Biking Annual Meeting and I have planned a new ride for us.  Plan to meet at the Dillon Amphitheater at 9:30am ready to ride.  The meeting will begin at noon so be sure to be back in plenty of time to eat something and be ready.  We will not have a grill so plan to bring a sandwich, as well as something to share and drink.

The new route takes us to the River Run Area of Keystone,  then out to the Old Ranch House, through Soda Creek and back to the Amphitheater.  Please print out the directions below and have them with you.  The route will take many of you to places you have not ridden.  I will ask some riders to post at a few of the turns so hopefully people do not get lost.  If you are asked to post wait for about 10 riders then ask another to post. Places where riders will be asked to post are shown with an " * ".


Bike path to River Run Area of Keystone
(some may prefer different routes)
On road through Mountain House Area and
past area where we normally weave through the fence
To Keystone Ranch House Road
Just before the Ranch Restaurant turn left to stay on
Keystone Ranch House Road
At end of road return to weave through fence
(normal place where we ride)
You should be on Elk Spur Lane
Go straight / left at Elk Circle
*Go left on River Course Drive and stay to far right on
what appears to be a sidewalk (It is the community
*Stay on path until the end and go right (It looks like a
golf path) and is steep in places
Stay straight on the path crossing over a road
*Follow the path to the left watch for small section of
hard pack dirt at end
Ride through Condo Parking lot turn Right on Summit Drive
Left onto Vail Circle
Left onto Summit Drive / Cove Blvd
Left on Whispering Pines Ranch Road
Left on Forest Glen Road
Right on Royal Coachman Blvd
At Coachman Court get on bike path
Return to Start

The route should take about 2 hours, but if you know you are behind return to the start for the meeting.  Lunch and the meeting will be in the picnic area shelter over looking the lake.

Ride safe!

John Bowyer