Saturday, June 27

June 29 Bike Ride Change -- PLEASE READ

Hello Summit Bikers,

The parking lot at the amphitheater is still being used for landscaping so we need to start Monday's ride elsewhere.  Plan to meet across from the Lake Dillon Theater at 9:30 ready to ride.  To get there go South on Route 6 toward Dillon (from I 70) and turn right at the stoplight for Dillon.  The theater is on your right and there is a parking lot across.  There are no restroom facilities so if you need to stop do so at the end of your ride at the amphitheater restrooms.  We will still have a grill and picnic tables about 25 feet from the parking lot.  The route will be the same as previously posted.  This was a new route created last year so be sure to take a look at it and perhaps print it if you are not familiar.  Sorry for the last minute change. 

John Bowyer

Thursday, June 25

Casual Ride Around the Lake (Friday Morning @9:30)

Care to join me on a casual ride around Lake Dillon Friday morning?  I'll be
leaving home (Silverthorne) at 9am and plan on meeting others on the dam at
Pritchard's(sp?) Rock at 9:30.  We'll head clockwise around the lake and end
up at the Dillon Market for lunch.  There are plenty of bad food choices
there – donuts, corndogs, chocolate chip cookies, waffles, crepes, etc.
Call or email me if you have questions.
(614) 264-5407 Mobile

Tuesday, June 23

June 29 Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,

Next week we will meet at 9:30 ready to ride, in the amphitheater parking lot in Dillon.  The ride will be a choice of down the trail all the way through Keystone to the River Run area or ride on route 6, if you prefer.  Note the path does make a right turn over the Snake River just before Keystone Lake area. Once you reach River Run (some may want to ride toward Montezuma for a couple of miles) you can return on the road which goes through the Mountain House area and pass the stables.  Continue on to the Old Ranch House Road in Keystone.  The road to the ranch house is the one that goes straight where most of us walk our bikes through the gate (River Golf Course).  The road has some rolling hills and turns left just before you get to the Ranch Restaurant.  If you get to the restaurant you missed the turn by 100 yards.  When you get to a gate and dirt road, turn around and return to the amphitheater for a picnic.  We will have a grill available so plan to bring what you would like to grill, a dish to share and your drink.  Plan to be back at the for the picnic around noon. 

Use caution if you ride the path through Keystone as many tourist are here, however riding along the Snake River is beautiful.  Space between riders along with verbal communication and hand signals reduces the risk of accidents.  Never pass a rider to the right unless you are sure they are aware you are doing that. 

I plan to be out of the county August 24 through September 22, so if anyone wants to step up and organize the group doing that time contact me at

Ride safe and have fun!

John Bowyer

Monday, June 15

June 22 Bike Ride

Next weeks ride is a change from the posted schedule.  We will start at the south end of the Breckenridge Recreational Center, near the ball fields at 9:30 am ready to ride.  There are two options, either riding to Frisco on to Dillon and over Swan Mountain or the same ride turning around at the amphitheater in Dillon.  There will be a grill so plan to bring what you would like to cook, as well as something to share with your friends and a drink. 

Hope to see everyone there.

Ride safe!

John Bowyer

Monday, June 8

June 15 Ride

Hello Summit Bikers,
As work continues in Dillon near the amphitheater we will once again venture outside Summit County to East Vail.  The ride will be from Big horn Park, starting at 10 am.  There will be a grill available so plan to bring something to cook, a drink and a dish to share with your friends. For those who would like to car pool meet at the west end of Frisco at the parking lot at 9 am.  Carpools are recommended.  Multiple rides are available from Big Horn, including West Vail Pass and the Gore Trail trough Vail and onto Minturn or Edwards.  The picnic will start around noon.

Directions to Big Horn Park: Go West to exit 180 in East Vail. Get off on the right and turn left going under I-70 on Bighorn Road. Go right on Streamside Circle. Stay on Streamside Circle and turn right on Meadow Drive. Bighorn Park is on the left ahead.

Remember the tourist are in town (West Vail also gets many downhill riders), slow down and do not cut corners.  Use hand signals and let others verbally know where you are.

For those that asked Brad has moved from Team Managers, which is closed, to a new location in Frisco.  He is located in the alley not far from the Cum and Go at 211 Main Street unit 5A.  Phone number is 303 588-3338.

Ride safe and have fun!

John Bowyer

Monday, June 1

June 8 Ride (First Picnic of the Year)

Hello Summit Bikers,
Next weeks ride will be the Green Mountain Reservoir. The start of the ride is at the intersection of Route 9 and Heeney Road, approximately 20 miles north of Silverthorne. Plan to be ready to ride at 9:30 am. Most of the parking is on route 9 at the intersection with Heeney Road. Be careful crossing route 9 as it is a busy road. Heeney Road is not very busy but it is a road with some traffic and people are encouraged to ride single file near the shoulder. This is the only Summit County ride with rolling hills as you ride on the west side of the reservoir.  Afterwords, we will have a picnic at North Pond in Silverthorne. North Pond is across from the elementary school at the corner of Hamilton Creek Road and Route 9. Please bring something to share with your friends, whatever you want to drink and something to grill as we will have a grill. 
This is a fun ride to bring a guest along since it is an out and back and difficult to get lost on.

Ride safe and have fun!

John Bowyer