Friday, August 11

August 14 Ride

Hello Summit Bikers:

A reminder to print out the ride and bring it with you.  The annual meeting will follow our picnic.  We will have a grill.  See you at North Pond in Silverthorne ready to ride at 9:30.

R at stop sign (Hamilton Cr Rd)
Ride to top and turn
L on Lakeview Circle
Complete Lakeview Circle turn
L at bottom of Circle 
(continuation of Hamilton Cr Road)
R on Bald Eagle
Cross Rt 9 to Golden Eagle
L on Falcon Dr.
L on Golden Eagle
L on Two Cabins
R on Arnica Ln
L on Currant Way (easy to miss)
L on Hunters Knob Rd
R Game Trail Rd
R on Rt 9
L at N. Pond

John Bowyer